Brief Introduction of Changchun New District

Changchun New District is the 17th national-level new district approved and founded by the State Council on February 3, 2016. The new district, close to the main urban area of Changchun City, has its principal part located in the northeast of Changchun City, with the planned area of about 499km2. Under the new district are Changchun New and High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Changchun Beihu Scientific and Technological Development Zone, Changchun Airport Economic Development Zone and Changde Economic Development Zone, including 2 townships, 5 streets, 51 villages and 23 communities, with the permanent resident population of 470000.

Obvious geographical location

The new district, located in the core hinterland of Changchun-Jilin-Tumen Pilot Zone and the geographical center of Northeast Chin, is the important node of Harbin-Dalian Economic Belt and China-Russia-Mongolia Economic Corridor. The new district has the complete transport network. Beijing-Harbin Railway, Harbin-Dalian High-speed Railway, Changchun-Hunchun Interurban Railway, Beijing-Harbin Expressway, Hunchun-Wulanhaote Expressway and some national highways penetrate the district. The district has opened the China-Europe block train from Changchun to Europe. The district, with Changchun Longjia International Airport, one of the national trunk line airports, enjoys the convenient transport of personnel and goods with other regions of Northeast China, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province as well as some surrounding countries of Northeast Asia.

Clear orientation and layout

strategic orientation of Changchun New District entitled by the country: innovative economic development demonstration district, important engine of the new round of revitalization of Northeast China, important Tumen River Region cooperative development platform and system and mechanism reform pilot district. The general layout of the new district: “2 axes, 3 centers and 4 bases”. “2 axles” refer to Harbin-Changchun Strategic Emerging Industrial Development Axis and Changchun-Jilin High-end Service Industry Development Axis; “3 centers” refer to the Scientific and Technological Innovation Center, International Logistic Center and International Exchange and Cooperation Center; “4 bases” refer to High-tech Industry Base, Advanced Manufacturing Industry Base, Airport Economic Industryl Base and Healthy Endowment Industry Base.

Determined key tasks

The first is to improve the innovative and entrepreneurship level. The emphasis is put on grasping the construction of the scientific and technological innovation platform and entrepreneurship and innovative and personnel reform experimental area and promoting the integrated development of science and technology, finance and personnel. The second is to make great efforts to develop the innovative industrial system. The cultivation of the modern industrial system focused on the advanced equipment manufacturing industry, modern service industry and modern agriculture should be accelerated and the international competitiveness of the industries should be improved. The third is to build the new green and smart urban area. The high standard should be taken to promote the urban infrastructure, national smart pilot city, integrated development of the rural and urban areas and construction of ecological civilization and promote the integrated development of the industries and the city. The fourth is to promote the interactive development of Changchun, Jilin and Tumen. The interconnection and interworking of the hinterland with the advanced positions and windows in some aspects such as infrastructure, economy and technology and opened platform, etc. should be promoted and the integrated development level of Changchun, Jilin and Tumen should be improved. The fifth is to actively incorporate into and serve the construction of “One Belt and One Road”. The stress is put on strengthening the foreign investment, economic and trade cooperation, foreign scientific and technological cooperation and international human and cultural exchange and building the comprehensive new pattern opened to the outside world.

Abundant innovative strengths

The new district has 3 national-level engineering labs, 11 key labs, 50 key labs above the provincial and ministerial levels, 34 national-level parks and bases, 100 financial institutions and 30000 high-end personnel. Changchun Northeast Scientific and Technological Innovation Center jointly built with “1 college, 4 universities and 4 institutes” including Jilin University and Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in the district has accumulatively introduced 60 high-level development and research organizations, with 5 special technological platforms of photo-electronics and new materials, etc. The district owns 27 scientific and technological enterprise incubators and maker spaces, including 9 national ones and 11 provincial ones. Changchun Beihu Scientific and Technological Park jointly built with the University of Science and Technology Beijing has introduced 116 high-tech projects and it is determined by the Ministry of Science and Technology as the “National-level Scientific and Technological Enterprise Incubator”; 4 maker spaces including Ferry Innovation Works and Originality Station, etc. are appraised as “national-level maker spaces”. Jilin Provincial and Changchun Municipal Scientific and Technological Markets have settled in the new district. China-Russia Scientific and Technological Park has accumulatively introduced and incubated 48 high-tech enterprises. At present, there are 114 new and high-tech enterprises and 71 scientific and technological “small giant” enterprises in the new district.

Solid industrial foundation

Changchun New District, built on the basis of the national-level new and high-tech zone, has developed the strategic emerging industrial groups of advanced equipment manufacturing, biological medicine and new materials and new energy, etc. in the recent years. Combining the current industrial foundation and depending on the advantageous resources of the whole province, the new district puts emphasis on the development of “3 dominant industries”, that is, advanced manufacturing industry, modern service industry and modern agriculture, elaborately cultivates “10 major industrial parks” of high-end equipment manufacturing, aerospace information, Huawei big data, new energy cars, biological medicine, modern agriculture, airport industry, Northeast Asia healthy, international education and information and general aviation industry and accelerates the building of the modern industrial system. The new district implements the “double-five project” and puts stress on the building of 5 100-billion-level industries of aerospace, new materials, new energy cars, business, trade and logistics and modern agriculture and 5 10-billion-level industries of biological medicine, photo-electronics, precision instruments and intelligent manufacturing, cultural information and healthy endowment.

Strong carrying capacity

The new district is located in the key national development area determined in the National Major Functional Zoning Plan, with the abundant element resources of water, electric power and gas, etc., complete infrastructure and matching urban facilities, good ecological environment and strong carrying capacity for development, suitable to the large-scale industrialization and urbanization development. The district is a new urbanization pilot of Jilin Province and the key area of expansion of urban space of Changchun City. The airport underground utility tunnel has been started and it will be built into regional complete covering utility tunnel project in our province; all efforts are being made to build the ecological prevention and control project of “4 zones and 4 lakes”, that is, Beihu Wetland Park, Gaoxin Tianmao Lake, Changchun Chunming Lake and Airport Longze Lake; the major transport infrastructural project has been completely started, the implementation of the project of“4 roads and 7 bridges” will build the important logistic channel connecting the north of the new district; the starting of construction of the local part of the airport line of rail transit has been achieved; the construction of Beihu Light Rail Line is being accelerated.

Flexible system and mechanism

Jilin Provincial Party Committee and Jilin Provincial Government determine that Changchun New District should be “appointed by Jilin Province and administered by Changchun City” at the departmental level. Based on the above, the “1+4” administration framework is built, that is, Changchun New District administers Changchun New and High-tech Zone on behalf of Changchun City and directly administers Beihu, Changde and Airport provincial-level development zones. All the development zones with the clear division of work and responsibilities are built in the pattern of differential and special development. According to the principles of efficient and simple administration, unity and efficiency, the internal organizations are flexibly adjusted and set to implement the “big-department” management. The flexible personnel selection and appointment mechanism is exercised. The appointment system and recruitment system are exercised for the three provincial-level development zones and the appointment rights of the middle-level cadres are delegated to the development zones; the excellent cadres are publicly recruited in the society and the purchase of labor services is exercised for the general staff and employees, which not only meets the development requirements but also resolve the problem of the cadres “who are able to work at both the higher and lower levels and at the top and the grassroots levels” and effectively inspires the vitality of the new district.

Remarkable construction achievements of the projects

In 2016, there are 245 projects started, including 126 new projects, 2.5 times that of the plan at the beginning of the year. 104 industrial projects are started, including New Energy Automobile Industrial park, Aerospace Information Industrial Park, Huayang Basalt Fiber, Northeast Asia International Physical Educational and Cultural Industrial Center and High-end Ice and Snow Sports Equipment Manufacturing, Guangdong Longhao Airport Industrial Park, Photo-electronic and Smart Equipment Industrial Park, Northeast Asia (Changchun) International Machinery City, Changde Smart Equipment Industrial Park and Changbai Mountain Food Industrial Park, etc. A great number of strategic emerging industrial groups with the investment of 10 billion and 100 billion scales; 76 service projects are started, including some platform projects such as Longxiang International Business Zone, Airport International Business Zone, Logistic Center Business Zone and Changde Business Zone, etc. and some functional projects such as Huawei Changchun Cloud Computation Center, Changchun Comprehensive Railway Freight Yard, Yitian • Guigu New City, Huiji Urban Business and Trade Center and Zhongzhan MOMA, etc. The assembly of all the productive and domestic elements will be accelerated and the international service level of the new district will be comprehensively improved; 41 infrastructural projects are started, including “4 roads and 3 bridges”, the important logistic channels connecting the north area, Subway Airport Extended Line, Beihu Rapid Rail Transit Line, Airport Underground Utility Tunnel and the ecological prevention and control projects of “4 parks and 4 lakes”, etc. The infrastructure and ecological environment of the new district will be comprehensively improved; 24 social undertaking projects are started, including some continued projects such as “1 stadium and 3 gyms” of the Olympic Sports Center, Jilin Provincial No. 2 People’s Hospital, National Fitness Center, etc. and a number of new good-quality social undertaking projects such as Puren International Endowment Health Base, Beijing Desheng International Hospital, School Attached to Jilin University, Jilin Sports University and Liyang Hot Spring Rest Home, etc. The development level of social undertakings will be comprehensively improved.

Rapid growth of economic indexes

In 2016, the new district achieves the GDP of 103.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 13.5%, 6% more than that in the whole city and 6.6% more than that in the whole contry; total industrial output value of 375 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 10.3%; completes the fixed-asset investment of 101.79 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 92%; the general budget full-caliber financial income of 2.16 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 18.5%; the land transfer area of 422.8 hectares, with the transaction price of 8.06 billion yuan and the land supply ranking first in the whole city; the “blowout” growth occurs to all the market subjects, with the total quantity of 21031 entities, including 5418 new market subjects, a year-on-year growth of 43.3%. In a future period, the new district will guide the general situation to promote the development via “three major systems” of opening to the outside, modern industries and social security. By 2020, efforts will be made to have achieved the major breakthrough in the reform and innovation, the innovation-driving capabilities will have been obviously improved and the innovative modern industrial system will have been basically built; the platform of opening to the outside will have become more and more complete, the 3D transport network will have been basically established and the land, sea and air combined transport channels will have been basically smooth; the public service facilities will have become more and more complete, the comprehensive carrying capacity will have been obviously improved and new progress will have been made in the livelihood improvement. The average annual growth rate of GDP will have been kept to be more than 12% and the accumulative fixed-asset investment will have been more than 1000 billion yuan. The new district will have become the important engine leading the new round of revitalization of the old industrial base.