The enterprises founded in Changchun New District, with the projects winning prizes in China (Changchun) Overseas Personnel Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Contest can enjoy the following rewarding support policies:

Entrepreneurship starting support

Set up the 50 million yuan contest entrepreneurship fund. The projects after settling are directly incorporated in the Overseas Advanced Leading Personnel Projects of “Changbai Withub” Talent Program and the projects winning the special prize, 1st prize, 2nd prize, 3rd prize and excellent prize are given the fund support of 1.5 million yuan, 1.2 million yuan, 1 million yuan and 0.8 million yuan after settling, respectively. In the contest are set 1 grand prize, and the winner is given the fund support of 2 million yuan after settling in the district.

Investment support

According to the requirements of the enterprise, the equity investment of not less than 1 million yuan can be provided. The first-rate innovation and entrepreneurship team, which leads the industrial development and can bring the great economic benefits and social benefits in the world, can be given the maximum equity investment of 50 million yuan on the basis of one decision for one thing according to the actual situation. According to the requirements of the project, the maximum loan interest discount of 0.5 million yuan can be given.

Housing subsidies

Provide a 200m2 office place and 150m2 apartment or housing rent subsidy free of charge within 3 years. The personnel purchasing an apartment by himself and herself in Changchun is given the maximum subsidy of 0.2 million yuan. The scientific and technological incubator (maker space) or accelerator settling, if the office place is more than 200m2, is given the subsidy of 50% of the actual housing rent, the maximum 20 yuan/m2/month and the maximum subsidized area is 2000m2.

Special personnel rewards

The new excellent personnel with the annual salary income of more than 0.12 million yuan introduced by the enterprise is given the subsidy of 10% of the annual salary income, the maximum 60000 yuan/year/person for consecutive 3 years; the full-time doctoral candidate and postgraduate candidate are given the subsidy of 800 yuan/month and 500 yuan/month for consecutive 3 years, respectively.